Spider Plant Releases New Single, ‘Welcome’

Spider Plant, the British electronic songwriter, makes an instant impact with his new single, ‘Welcome’, which is now available to stream on all major platforms!

Initially from Lancashire but now residing in London, the forward-thinking virtuoso has been honing his skill for many years, and he takes a significant step forward with this delivery. Moreover, he emerges with a fusion of electronic, folk, and classical textures, creating a passage out of the daily stress that many people face.

The fascinating direction of ‘Welcome’ pushes the boundaries of modern music, and it creates an indent from the get-go! Also, Spider Plant expertly blends guitars, synthesisers, and other digital elements into a cohesive whole, and his energy drips from every facet of the production.

Spider Plant finds inspiration in numerous places, resulting in a sound that is impossible to duplicate anywhere else! Furthermore, there are hints from the 1960s psychedelic era, James Blake, Brazilian music from the 1970s, and Slowthai here, yet the music creator still manages to carve out a new sound all his own!

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